Brian Gordon Memorial Trophy (Wednesday 13th November 2019)
Winner: Ian Brown
Runner-up: Melvyn Gregory

Ian Pursor Drawn Doubles (Friday, 14th September 2018)
Winners: Ruth Atkin / Jim Hoare
Runners-up: Brian Vincent / Alan Lo

Geoff Platt Handicap Singles (Wednesday 12th September 2018)
Winner: Peter White
Runner-up: Josh Warren

Brian Gordon Memorial Trophy (Friday 7th September 2018)
Winner: Josh Warren
Runner-up: Krzysztof Skwarek

Geoff Platt Handicap Singles (Wednesday 13th September 2017)
Winner: Jon Sweet
Runner-up: Arthur Bartram

Ian Pursor Drawn Doubles (Friday, 8th September 2017)
Winners: Ian Brown / Alan Lo
Runners-up: Krzysztof Skwarek / Melvyn Gregory

Brian Gordon Memorial Trophy (Wednesday 30th August 2017)
Winner: Josh Warren
Runner-up: Terry Luxton

AGM 2017
The AGM is on Wednesday, 17th May 2017 at 7.45pm.

Geoff Platt Handicap Singles (Friday 16th September 2016)
Winner: Alan Au
Runner-up: Jon Sweet

Ian Purser Drawn Doubles (Monday 12th September 2016)
Winners: Chris Turner / Jim Hoare
Runners-up: Krzysztof Skwarek / Lloyd White

Brian Gordon Memorial Trophy (Friday 9th September 2016)
Winner: Ian Brown
Runner-up: Krzysztof Skwarek

Geoff Platt Handicap Singles (Friday 11th September 2015)
Winner: Pete Ives
Runner-up: Norman Burnley

Ian Purser Drawn Doubles (Wednesday 9th September 2015)
Winners: Mihai Lazar / Vic Collins
Runners-up: Brian Vincent / Alan Lo

Brian Gordon Memorial Trophy (Friday 4th September 2015)
Winner: Mihai Lazar
Runner-up: Chris Turner

Davey Hall - Repairs to the Floor
The Davey Hall (Upstairs) will be out of use for from 10 Aug 2015 for 2 weeks while the floor is being repaired.

Brian Gordon Memorial Trophy (Monday 10th September 2012)
Winner: Chris Turner
Runner-up: Terry Luxton

Geoff Platt Handicap Singles (Friday 7th September 2012)
Winner: Pete Ives
Runner-up: Chris Turner

Access during Christmas Period (2011)
The Community Centre will be open as normal except for the 3 bank holidays.
The heating will be on a very low setting with the dehumidifier off.

Presentation of Trophies
The presentation of the Club trophies will take place on Wednesday 23rd November 2011 at the club.

Haynes Hall - Repairs to the Floor- Update
The floor in the Haynes Room has had to be replaced and, as a result, will not be useable for the club tournaments as previously scheduled.

Haynes Hall - Repairs to the Floor
The Haynes hall will be out of use for a couple of weeks commencing 24th August 2011 while work is done on the floor to remove the wax and oil remaining since the initial damage November 2010.

Wimborne League - Veterans and Hard Bat Tournament
The Wimborne League is holding its Veterans Handicap and Hard Bat tournaments at Merley Community Centre on Wednesday 7th September 2011

Wimborne League Individual Competition Results - 2010
The first of the Wimborne League individual competitions took place on Wednesday 2nd September 2010 at Merley Community Centre. Broadstone had three representatives in the two finals. The winner of the Veterans Hard Bat tournament was Melvyn Gregory with Vic Collins the runner-up. In the hard bat competition, Brian Vincent was the winner with Barrie Waterman of Bournemouth Sports the runner-up. Well done to all.

Make-Over for the Davey Room
The work to the Davey Room has now been completed and looks very smart with a new floor and redecoration. The Haynes Room is also due to have the floor sanded and sealed in the coming weeks

Dorset Juniors Win Division 2D
The Dorset A team recently won division 2D of the national County Championships to gain promotion to division one. Congratulations go to Shannon Ross who plays for Broadstone in the Poole Leage who was part of the winning team.